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The Curve Collection

represents the ebbs,flows, twists, turns and curves of life. All these elements are part of the story of who you are and who you are becoming.

Always #WEARYOURCURVES and be proud of the journey you're on.

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As seen in

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Explore the Collection

4 intricate art pieces that remind you that no matter what- You Got This!


Your are 

Duruyeh aims to create unique pieces that are "Art for your ears." Pieces that reflect our stories and evoke a feeling of becoming and self assuredness while remaining meaningful parts of our customers lives for years to come.

Our  pieces serve as a reminder of your innate beauty and that anything you choose to wear, or use simply meant to enhance and showcase that which you already carry. Remember that You Are Adorned.

 We predominantly use brass, sterling silver with a 18K Gold plated finish.

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